Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ghost Adventures: Is There Anything Scarier Than Zach Bagan’s Hair?

The Travel Chanel has come up with another ghost hunting program to fill our unquenchable appetite for the spooky. Ghost Adventures is on Saturday nights and it began last week with an hour premiere “documentary” followed by the first installment.

Like most shows of this type, it’s interesting to get an inside look at some of the more well-known haunted locations around the US, locations that most of us won’t get the chance to “ghost hunt” and this show is no different. With visits already to the Bob Mackey Bar and a pretty interesting flying brick caught at another location, the latest episode takes the gang to Houghton Mansion in North Adams MA.

This interesting old house, now Masons gathering spot, has a rich enough history to indicate some paranormal activity, but is the group relying too much on knowing who the supposed ghosts may be?

As I watched the introduction and tour of the building, I find it hard to concentrate on the information because the host’s hair is more frightening than anything paranormal ever found. So, too, is the bravado-theme of the show where the host and his gang take pride in locking themselves in the haunted location, and spend hours taunting and daring the tragic spirits.

As I wonder to myself how much time it takes Zach Bagan to grease his hair in such a disturbing manner, the team installs a lock on the outside of the building to heighten the drama. Since I have already seen them jump out of a second story building, this show of courage seems mute to me.

Overall, although it’s interesting to hear EVPs I am sure are legitimate and see other somewhat questionable results, the lead ghost hunter’s attitude toward the pain and sorrow of earthbound spirits is disheartening. He has already been scratched when daring the devil himself to “harm” him, I wonder what it will take for this group to show some respect to the spirits they hope to make contact with.

So, ignoring all of that, and the fact that Zach must believe that the spirits are deaf as well as dead, I guess this show falls into the category, “Love to Hate.” I am hoping as the season goes on these ghost adventurers will learn to address the spirit world in a more caring way. Maybe the Ghost Hunters from TAPS can teach them a few things.


  1. I would love to see the spirit spook him enough for him to shut up too! ;-) Sorry!! Can't stand the guy. Interesting stuff but if he treat the spirit the way he treat people he should not be allowed to open his mouth!

  2. I like Zach and he only taunts the mean one's.He's careful with the one's who had a tragic ending.
    I like that there's only three of them and they don't use the stupid creepy music and sound effects in the background that you see elsewhere.

    You want to pick on a show,pick on Most Haunted.That chick annoys the hell out of me with her screaming and crying.

    Enough already.

  3. Is there really a mean human spirit? Shouldnt we feel sorry for most of them? Haunted in life by circumstance and then stuck in pergatory (or where ever) doomed to repeating their mistakes and tragedy instead of moving through to the light beyond? I dunno, I just don't think it's right to taunt a tragic soul.
    Anyway, good point about Most Haunted. Those women do scream so much for no reason, it has made what was once an interesting show a joke. I usually just watch the first half where they give the location history and shut it off.
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. I'm an Aussie and found out about this series today, so I checked it out.

    It's appalling. Zac and his thugs are too busy being loud and obnoxious, like frat boys on a sorority prank, to actually shut up and listen. Zac is so full of himself that even in an interview, he just can't keep his mouth shut to let others do the talking.

    They're disrespectful and loud. I will never watch another episode ever again

  5. Zac and his crew are interesting to watch, and I watch them try to do their work and expect the spirtits to co-operate.

    I wonder if they realize that spirits do not approach or communicate with people who wear all black. A few bold ones will, but the majority just ignore them.

    Also, spirits will not approach you if you have an agenda. They want to approach you when you are calm and relaxed, more receptive. These guys are more rigid than petrified wood.

  6. I actually wronte something on Bagans facebook page asking him about his SCARY HAIR! I'm a medium too and I believe he should utilize at LEAST one on his investigations... it might help.

  7. Aside from Zach and his hair, I loved the episode. That location was a great place to gather up energy to have
    accurate psychic.