Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghosts of Singapore

Singapore is as bright and bustling a city as any in Europe but its illustrious past of war crimes, murders and tragic mass suicides means its also a great place to do some ghost hunting. Full of legend and lore you’ll have a wonderful time trying to separate fact from fiction. Here are some places to check out if you are in the area.

The National Museum. The spiral staircase of this former monastery carries the ghost of a priestly apparationwith a dark side. Visitors feel like they are pushed when on stairways here and although now the staircase is closed off, a few lucky photographs may just show the mischievous spirit who has mastery over this public location.

The Old Chaghai Hospital. This is a popular spot for Singapore ghost hunting groups due to its connections with WW2 and the unseemly treatment of prisoners there.

The Bukit Brown Cemetery. Also known as Kopi Hills, this beautiful area is filled with paranormal energy and legends abound about its after-dark activity. The government has this location slated for relocation, so the potential for activity to increase is great.

Fort Canning. The old battle box here is the site of some paranormal activity and this historic fort put into commission in the 1800’s even has its own spooky cemetery.

Devils Bend. This curvy spot on Old Thomson Road has claimed many lives over the decades and locals say the spot has an oppressive and sad feeling about it. If you’re lucky you may even get evidence of the Orbs people claim to see here.

Final stop is Galang Island. Once a refugee camp for the Vietnamese it is the site of mass suicide and rampant mistreatment of war prisoners. An overall feeling of dread and oppression is present in this open air space and the Body Tree offers horrors all its own. The sight of hangings, photographers have caught orbs here and so can you. Be respectful as this is a tragic location.

Photo by Singapor3 ~ flickr

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  1. I've been to Singapore 10 years ago. It was an amazing city then. It is clean and very orderly. Not a candy wrapper in sight! I've also heard some ghost stories especially from KK hospital were one of my cousins used to work. She says it doesn't matter when she shes a ghost because they wouldn't understand each other anyway. haha!