Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Introduction to Psychic Phenomenon

Psychic phenomenon is a broad term used for a wide variety of experiences that are unexplained through science or logic. ESP (extra sensory perception,) Clairvoyance, Empath, Intuition, and Channeling are all terms used to describe a type of communication many are able to employ to connect with persons long gone from this world. It is believed by most “psychics” that we all have the ability to communicate with the other side.
Historically speaking, Shaman, “Seers,” and Mediums are held in high regard in some cultures and evidence of the existence of psychic intervention in the form of medicine men, or Spiritualists goes back thousands of years. Unfortunately, as mankind developed and entered the realms of science and technology, the role of psychic became more of a parlor game and past time of sometimes-disreputable “gypsies,” than its original form of counselor, and healer.
The late 18th and 19th centuries brought about an increased interest in Spiritualism, and the popular interest spawned myths and legends of hauntings and seances whose credibility once again put the “Charlatan” label on anyone proclaiming to have the gift.

Harry Houdini was one of the most famous psychic debunkers in the 20th century, making it his mission to expose many con artists posing as mediums. As a magician, Houdini proved that ghostly noises and smoky shapes could be created with misdirection and technology. Generally not believing in the supernatural, he continues his debunking from beyond the grave, having stated that after his own death, if he could, he would make contact with friends and family. At this point, contact with Harry has yet to be proven.

Now, many people are turning back to spiritualism, generally defined as the belief that the human spirit, soul and personality live on beyond physical death and can be contacted and communicated with from this world. This “New Age” movement is really a return to man's historical regard for counsel and support from sensitive individuals. We also see a return of the universal belief that there is something: a guardian angel, spirit guide, elder spirits, totems, or God himself out there watching over us and providing us with information to make our journey through this world more meaningful.

Although many now search for a link to the other side and believe that life does go on past physical death, the title “ Psychic” still has the taint of disreputable 900 numbers and run-down store fronts. Gifted individuals now try to discern themselves, as I do, by trying to more clearly define the ways we connect, and intuit information—often hedging around the term “psychic” as if it were a label to shun rather than embrace and honor.

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