Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Decorations for your Computer

So, as expected, I get pretty excited about Halloween, and since I am glued to the laptop, finding and using a cool Halloween screensaver is just part of how I celebrate the holiday. I thought I would share some great spooky screensavers that I found online…maybe they can get you in the scary-mood for the big night. has some cool 3D Halloween screensavers including a scary mask and graveyard. If you need some eerie music and ghosts and bats flying around, this has it all. They also have some nice animated wallpaper so check it out. No charge for download at has a good variety of free savers and touts that it was voted the best Halloween screensavers of 2008. They claim to be spyware and virus free but you do have to agree to download Smiley Central and some other annoying little utilities you don’t need. If you can live with that, (and delete later) there are some fun Halloween savers here so it may be worth the download. has some unique 3D savers including flying pumpkins, black cats’ haunted houses and skulls. Downloading is easy and the price for this free screensaver is the downloading of a handy toolbar you can always delete later. You can also simply buy the screensaver and avoid all the extra bits.

Enjoy and send candy

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