Saturday, June 6, 2009

Preston Castle and The Ghost Adventure Team

Ghost Adventures, the Travel Channel series I love to hate is back with new episodes. All set to be irritated, I sat down for the season premiere waiting with bated breath for the rude antics of Zak Bagans and crew. I have to say, they must have mellowed since last season.

Sure, Zak still carried a leather whipping strap around with him and threatened the Juvenile delinquents and young criminals with his "new supervisor"y techniques, but all in all, I would have expected worse from him.

The location was great.

Preston Castle in California, an old abandoned and decrepit facility had plenty of personality and the prerequisite shady past. Not only were young offenders apparently mistreated and some died under mysterious circumstances, one of the most active spirits haunting the place is said to be the spirit of a house keeper whose brutal murder on this site was never solved.

After a tour by a local ghost hunting leader, the team unnecessarily "locked" themselves into the establishment and began collecting evidence of both auditory and physical manifestations.

There were some scratches, and some really far fetched EVP translations, but the creepiest thing about this episode was the supposed possession of Zak himself.

I have to say, I liked the kinder, gentler more possessed Zak, who inexplicably began to hum, smirk and communicate with the female housekeeper from the past. Eerie and yet not fully developed in the episode, we never see him actually come out of the trance like state, but obviously later we see him donning his trademark dumbass hat, so apparently he's back to normal.

All in all this episode was worth watching for both the fruitful location and the apparent possession. If you missed the premiere episode check out highlights online at the Ghost Adventures website or watch your travel channel listings for repeated episodes.
You can make arrangements to do your own ghost hunt at Preston. Click here for more information about Preston Castle.

Photo by atomicpuppy68