Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Spirit in the Car: Me and Granny

As I meditated daily, I felt a stronger connection with the spirit world. I could literally feel them around me all the time. The air was different, it vibrated, and I welcomed the company. Usually.
I met Granny in the parking lot of the corner grocery store. I would stop in this store once a week or so to pick up last minute items, ice cream, cookies, and milk… the usual. I got to be familiar with the owners of the store, by sight anyway, and we had a cordial neighborly relationship. One night as I returned to my car and loaded in my bag, I noticed a different vibration in the car with me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her, “Granny” and she had a message.

Apparently Granny was a relative of one of the store owners, Rick. Rick had taken care of Granny while she was alive, shoveling her walk, bringing her meals, and she wanted to make sure he knew she was all right, and that she loved him.

Although I wanted to pass along her message, I also knew that I frequented this store, and didn’t want to take a chance on gaining a reputation as “that crazy psychic lady.” I told her that she could connect with him herself, through his dreams, or by some other means, and that I just could not do it.

She continued to sit there.

I asked her to get out of my car. She refused.

Granny and I drove 6 blocks together before I convinced her to move on. She was persistent, and I did feel a little bad about not helping her, but I was soon to learn a lesson on the ethics of mediumship that I would never forget.

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