Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paranormal State: "We Are Six" Episode

Much to my surprise my DVR recorded a new Paranormal State episode titled We Are Six. The theme of the show is demonic possession and exorcism as a reality. The team travels to a private home where a young woman is attacked on a regular basis, including words scratched into her skin, rape and attempted drowning by a powerful negative spirit – or demon.

The team discovers that the girl had felt a presence in the home, and did an EVP session with good results. Did she open a window to the other side without the protection those of us who travel there take care to create? It seems so.

During my beginning stages of medium ship I, too, dealt with some negative energies, not demons by any means, but spirits I had a hard time controlling and limiting. Do I believe in demons and evil? I’d have to say yes. That is why I am careful when I open a door to the other side and call upon my guides and my God to protect me.

After my first negative experience I had a priest do a blessing for me. He was a Catholic priest and had taken part in an exorcism himself. He would not speak about it or give me any details, but he believed, so I believed.

The rest of the show is an interesting look inside possession and the powers of evil. It reminded me of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Being faced with evils we cannot see is more frightening than taking on the evils we can. I guess these are lessons for us who experience the paranormal in any way, or try to look through the veil, to be careful and always do a protection prayer before entering into a conversation with the other side.

I will post a story of one of these negative encounters later. Until then, try to catch this episode of Paranormal State. Very Interesting.


  1. I was watching it yesterday evening while the kids were peacefully sleeping. AH!! I should know better not to watch real evil paranormal story on my own, I was spooked out so much I didn't fall asleep until 1am! Very very interesting show even if it was very spooky! I sure hope that I never deal with that 6 dude!

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