Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zak is Back

If you have been missing (missing hating that is) Ghost Adventures, the Travel Channel has been posting a mini series following a Bob Mackey ghost hunt the guys did with some other ghost hunting enthusiasts.
During their original go-round with this famous haunted location, Zak suffered a well deserved back scratch from what he deemed was a "demon." In the web-episodes the gang invites along a man-of-the-cloth to help with the demonic presence. Predictably, the Reverend or priest gets into the act of calling out the spirit and suffers a little reminder that one should always mind their manners when dealing with those on the other side. The ghost hunting tag-alongs seemed to get their money's worth on this adventure as I am sure you'll agree.
Love em or hate em, they are entertaining during the mid season drought of ghost hunting shows. Check out the broadcast here. Ghost Adventures Web Episode