Thursday, October 23, 2008


As I worked on developing my skills, I began to open up to my friends about my psychic experiences. Many of them were interested and intrigued, and wanted to test my skills. So, feeling this would be good practice for me, and a way to build my confidence in what I was feeling and experiencing, I agreed to have a few people to my home to do “readings.”

A typical reading from me usually went like this. I would ask the person to sit quietly and I would do some meditation and protection visualizations before we would begin. Next, I would discuss physical issues, including past injuries, and health problems that may come up in the future, or could be avoided with changes made in lifestyle. After that I would “open the door” to any spirits or information I might get from a spirit guide, angel, or ancestor.

Opening the door was once described to me as creating a beam of light. A beacon that if not controlled or protected properly, would attract not just the desired benevolent presence, but also any wandering spirits who might be out there. As I was new to the process, I did learn the lessons of protection the hard way. It was during one of these readings that night, that a spirit who is only known to me as The Soldier came through.

As I stood behind the woman who was to be my subject I immediately felt a strong energy around me. The participant felt it also, and although I knew there was someone out there, I wasn’t prepared to address him at that time.

I continued my reading, discussing health problems and courses of action when suddenly the energy we were both experiencing decided to wait no more.

My hands vibrated and I was quickly immersed in a rapid paced slide show of human tragedy and images of war. Immediately I began to relay the messages, the images and words that were coming through to me to the people gathered around. We knew it wasn’t a spirit connected to any one in our group, and I felt strongly that the Soldier had seen the light, and was seeking to express himself.

The Soldier told me his first name, and I felt him as angry, confused and unwilling to go to the light. Unlike some other souls who lose their way to the light after death, or have unfinished business on the earth, and refuse to leave, all I sensed from the Soldier was his anger, and his desire to share his pain with whomever he could, in this instance, me.

After several minutes during this onslaught of imagery, pain and incredible energy flowing through me, I was able to call upon my spirit guides and protectors to help me with this soul, and to encourage him to find peace in the white light of creation.

He left, he did not find peace, and I am sure he is still out there wandering the dark abyss of his own creation.

This was not the last time I experienced Wanderers during my readings, or other moments of quiet. It seemed that during my learning and training period my “light” shone constantly, and I would often come across lost or dwelling spirits in homes I visited, or near people I would meet. Usually they were just sad, or confused, and needed some help to move along, It was a rare thing to be attacked as I was on that night.

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  1. What an amazing experience. Good thing that soldier that lash out his anger on you. It's nice to help mortal, but to give a hand to wondering souls is just too far out! Nice job! :)