Friday, November 21, 2008

Voice at the Stairs Part 2: The Next Day

The next day, we were made aware that a board is not necessarily the only way spirits can communicate!

My boyfriend picked me up in his Lebaron sedan, and we drove over to Kathy’s house. The Lebaron, although not the typical cool-high school guy car, was luxurious with its fake velvet interior, fold up armrest, and shiny black paint job. We flipped the armrest up and I sat close to Tim as we discussed the last night’s events. Deciding to put it out of our minds, we arrived at Kathy’s house, locked up the car, and went inside.

We returned to the car about 15 minutes later on our way to a fast food place for lunch. Before we reached the car, Tim already knew something was not right. As we all bent down to look inside the roomy vehicle we noticed that the armrest in the front seat was flipped down and upon it sat an opened pack of cigarettes.

We all looked at each other questioningly. None of us smoked, and we couldn’t figure out who could have gotten into the locked car and why they would leave their cigarettes there! Shrugging it off, Kathy grabbed the cigs, crumpled them, and threw them on the street by the curb as we headed off.

It began to rain as we had lunch, and we returned to Kathy’s house for an afternoon of talking and baking cookies. We talked a little about the weird cigarette package, and Kathy admitted that she had experienced some weird goings-on as well since the previous evening. Strange noises woke her, and she was somewhat afraid of what we might have stirred up. Although it was odd, we decided that the things that were happening were not dangerous, and merely a sign from our spiritual friends.

When the rain finally let up, Tim and I made a dash for the car to go back to our respective homes. As I stood in the rain waiting for Tim to open the door, I glanced inside the vehicle. There, again, was a perfectly dry pack of cigarettes balanced on the armrest, the armrest we had left in the “up” position.


  1. Wow. It's really interesting that a new pack appeared after you had already discovered the first one. This was a serious message I guess.

    I have an story, it's not related to "the board" however... as a child (5-12yrs)I lived in the same house these seven years with my family.
    I can remeber playing in the yard with toy soldiers, a bat and ball, or climbing the apple tree.

    I enjoyed the outdoor playtime a great deal and I was always accompanied by the sound of delicate chimes in the gentle summer breeze. My mother loved chimes. They were in the house, outside, and she even had seasonal ones.

    I never realized how much this gentle background clatter affect me in a positive, secure kind of way.
    Not until My wife put them in our yard these many years later. I'll be outside doing yardwork, or relaxing and Barb's chimes would be tinging away. It was as though I was 7 again. I loved the effect, a very calming, peaceful sound.
    It took me back to that backyard in West Allis.

    A couple of years ago I took a ride out to West Allis on my bike (pedal bike). Of course I rode through the old neighborhood and made my way to old haunts.

    As I came upon my childhood home I stopped at the curb, sitting (leaning) on my bike just gazing into the yard. I noticed the apple tree was gone, replaced with new tree's and shrubs.
    I imagined back to the times I would just be sitting out there, playing, with the chimes keeping me content.
    Memories of mom close were to my heart.

    As I continued to recall my childhood at this house I suddenly heard the sound of soft gentle chimes. The sound was distant, but clear. It was just as it was as a child, only softer.

    The sounds of chimes grew closer, I began to look in all directions, at all the houses, I looked every where.... but no chimes.

    I was certain it was coming from directly in front of me as I faced my childhood home. It was clearer now, it was louder now. But after intense searching for the source, I could see nothing.

    Tears began to stream down my face. I felt like I experienced something different. I continued to sob and finally and simply said "Hi mom, is it you?" I looked some more for the chimes.."I love you mom," I spoke. But the sound grew dimmer and dimmer... until it was gone.

    I began to sob much harder, I uprighted my bike and began my journey home. As I rode, I realized this event affected me a great deal. I felt as though I had just met my mother again... 5 years after her passing. It was a warm, cozy feeling. As though I had just received a really big hug.

    And that I'll never deny.

  2. Great story... thanks for sharing.

  3. I have told this story (and the related "Part 1" of the story) many times over the years. It's interesting to read your memory of it now, nearly 30 years after it happened.

    Your memory matches mine except for a few details. My car was a Cordoba, not a LeBaron. If I remember correctly, we ate Lunch at Real Chili downtown, and that is where we crumpled up and disposed of (by throwing it in the curb) the first mysteriously-appearing pack of cigarettes.

    The Boyfriend (Tim)

  4. Ah yes, the Cordoba. Thanks for reminding me of the details. You were always the greatest partner in crime when it came to those things...

  5. Super creepy. To think there's a entity that want's to communicate with you. But this entity, for sure, isn't friendly. Thanks to poppa's warning, nothing happened to you guys. I'm getting goose bumps right now..eeeee.

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