Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paranormal France

Just the word "France" brings a look of romantic longing onto most Americans faces. With its history of royal families, heroic characters and war, and its landscape dotted with castles, caves and catacombs, ghost hunters will find no lack of entertainment and mystery on a tour of this beautiful country. Should you get a chance to visit, take a break from the museums and fashion boutiques to see some of the paranormal wonders that abound here.

Of course, you'd have to start at the Catacombs, where the TAPS crew found themselves surrounded by skulls and mysteries never before seen. The appearance of a tape recording lost by a wandering tourist (never seen again, by the way) only deepens the mystery. Tours are widely available so be sure to take your camera and do a little ghost busting.

The Chateau of Versailles is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but was the home to French royalty until the late 1700's. Yes, the famous Marie Antoinette is said to still visit here and can sometimes be seen wandering through the gardens. Try some EVP work here to see if you can make a connection.

While seeing how the "other half lives," be sure to walk through the Brissac Castle in Loire Valley. Known to be the site of a double murder of the owner's wife and lover, dwellers here find themselves to have a few extra guests. Is it the wife looking for her tragically lost love? Who knows, but the place has got a dark and creepy feeling.

No trip to France would be complete without paying your respects to Joan of Arc at the Basilica at Le Bois Chenu Domremy. People have caught apparitions on film here and reports of ghostly happenings go all the way back to the early 1900's. Spooky!

If anyone has been to France and has a ghostly encounter, be sure to share it here!

Photo by ricardo.martins


  1. I love France and would go there if I had the chance. I think everywhere we go, no matter what country, there would always be ghost stories to keep tourist interested. Who wouldn't want to see a foreign ghost anyway?

  2. hmmm, I never could think that such wonderful place can be so stange and paronormal active!! intriguing...