Monday, November 17, 2008

I Watch, So You Don’t Have To: Ghost Adventures Sloss Furnace

So, I decided to give the Ghost Adventures team another shot at pissing me off with their latest episode in Birmingham, Alabama.

The show begins with a little background and history of the region, featuring the civil war battles and the growth of manufacturing and the Sloss Furnace, the site of this weeks ghost hunt.

The Sloss Furnace representative relays to Zach some of the furnaces morbid past including the deaths of two workers and countless others that fell to their death from the catwalks. Two workers died in a fire blast, leaving me to wonder if Zach will set himself on fire to provoke the spirits.

The Ghost Adventures team meets up with another local ghost hunting group and they retell some incidents that they experienced during a vigil including physical manifestations and apparitions. The sounds of footsteps, and physical close encounters all tempt the crew to lock themselves in for the night. As usual.

A ghost lovingly referred to as Slag is the main focus of this ghost hunt and with his bad reputation will surely be the focus of Zach's flat-affected bravado.

The team immediately sees an apparition, not caught on film, and begins to talk to the spirits. They hear a child's voice and the camera man gets a supernatural punch in the face. It's as if the spirits could read my mind and obey my orders…

So, twelve hours or so later, the team leaves with some EVPs that were very garbled and some personal experiences that weren’t nearly as frightening as the hat Zach wears when he talks to the sound tech he brings his EVPs too. Yikes.

Once again Zach justifies his provocation of the spirits and happily listens to the spirit world's voice captured on tape saying "I hate Zak." Hm. That makes two of us.

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