Friday, November 14, 2008

Netherlands Netherworld

As with most places, the Netherlands is filled with history both tragic and world changing. Visited by the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts and executions and of course, home to Anne Frank, there are plenty of reasons a tourist would find ghosts in this beautiful country. If you are going to be making a trip there, there are some places paranormal enthusiasts should make sure to visit to learn and experience the past of this lovely and diverse area.

Starting with the historic and personal story of Anne Frank, you can visit the annex where she slept in Amsterdam. Tourists report weird cold spots there and some see the shadow of a girl in the window.

Then, book a room at the Hotel Berma. Central to all the other tourist locations such as museums and night spots, talk to the staff here to learn about the odd happenings previous guests report including a strong feeling of an unseen presence. Maybe the owners can enlighten you on the past of this spot so that you can address the otherworldly residents directly!

A dungeon is sure to be a place with paranormal energy, and the Amsterdam Dungeons will fit that bill. Sure, it's more an amusement park now, which seems insulting to the hundreds of souls who died and were tortured here, but you can still get an informative tour of this medieval place and learn about the terrible things the Council of Blood did in this area.

Europe has plenty of castles so be sure to take a tour of the Castle Duivestein in Voorschoten. Visitors and locals all say that there is just a pervasive strange energy around the place and nighttime photos of the drive up to the castles are always filled with weird orbs. As always, chat up the staff and tour guides to get the real skinny on paranormal activities and hot spots.

Photo by thegshow~ flickr


  1. I'm always fascinated with the life Anne Frank fan and it's nice how she still haunts the very place were they hid for years. Every time I remember her, I get depressed thinking all those Jews who passed away.

  2. I think a recreation of the streets of plague ravaged Amsterdam street, where the devastating effect the killer disease had in the city in 1664 is vividly animated.