Monday, November 3, 2008

Haunted Old Louisville

Haunted Old Louisville

Historic Old Louisville is an area that encompasses a large neighborhood south of downtown and around the Central Park. Its large estates and brick Victorians immediately bring thoughts of a gentler time in the South. This old neighborhood is celebrated in Kentucky and local historic societies offer tours of the area to help bring the citizens and their accomplishments to life for modern day dwellers.
There is also a Haunted Louisville tour that takes you on a dark meander through this breathtaking environment, offering stories of the scandals and tragedies of our long-gone neighbors. Or are they?

Norm (my husband) and I took a drive out to this area on a bright and sunny Sunday, and found it to be as charming, and crowded with cars, as we expected from an old Louisville urban setting. Many of these fine homes are rented out, but several of the more infamous ones remain in the hands of the families of the old south.

1464 St. James Court is one of the supposedly haunted houses of this street. Hard to believe this interesting old home could possibly hold a mystery, but its true. The strangest haunting I have heard of, it doesn’t involve apparitions or gobs of ghastly ghouls, but one single moment of time, replaying itself over and over with marked regularity.

A gunshot. A single gun shot that rings out every evening in the foyer of this fine building. The story goes that the home housed a lovely girl who after a long courtship and separation due to war, finally was engaged to her prince charming. On the eve of their engagement party, it’s said that some of the groom to be’s army buddies came to the party and engaged in adolescent gun-play. An accidental shot rang out, and killed the bride as she stood looking on.

The current residents claim to not have heard the shot fire while they have been living there, but the house continues to have its reputation and place in history and lore.


  1. I live in this neighbourhood in a haunted building. My building, though, isn't in any tour guides or anything. Soon it will be investigated by the NKYPS :) Glad you liked our neck of the woods :D

  2. What an amazing neighborhood. Ghosts are everywhere anyways, so it's not shocking to know that there would be somebody haunting this historical neighborhood. I mean, who would want to leave that place? it's just plain gorgeous.