Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve Ghost Story

I found this little ghost story on About.com Paranormal Phenomenon and thought I would pass it on to all of you. It's always good to start the new year with a scare. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

New Years Eve Ghost
by Steven B.

On New Years Eve 1987, two friends and I stayed the night at my friend's house to celebrate the New Year. We were all roughly 13 to 14 years of age at the time. We were left alone in my friend's house as his parents left for a party. To pass the time, we spent much of the 11:00 p.m. hour playing with a Ouija board trying to contact dead relatives. We failed on every attempt except for one. We made contact with Lewis, an elderly gentleman that lived next door and had died three years ago of an untimely death. The hospital that he stayed in for a routine procedure neglected to raise the side rails on his bed. He fell, broke his hip and died of a heart attack. We asked him how he was, he said lonely, waiting for his wife. We told him who we were, but he could not remember us. Lewis knew it was New Years, though, as he told us his wife was sleeping and that he is watching her. We told him to come next door, but his only response was, " I can't." He told us that three times in a row. We then lost contact.

This was the only time that we ever made contact with a spirit. Now here is where it gets really weird. At five minutes till midnight, about 20 minutes after our reaching out experience, we were huddled around the TV watching a New Years Eve special. We were in the family room in the basement of the house. Upstairs in the refrigerator was an unopened bottle of wine that my friend's parents left for us to share at the stroke of midnight. We frequently throughout the night eyeballed the bottle, eagerly waiting to drink it, as any teenage boy would. Just as I rose up, we started hearing a loud noise coming from upstairs. It sounded of doors slamming! We were scared out of our minds. Then we heard a loud thump as the ceiling vibrated. My friend had two dogs and one cat, but they were downstairs too. The smallest dog, one of those little wiener dogs, started to run up the stairs barking. He went up about three stairs and made a quick U-turn and came back down. He stayed at the bottom of the stairway barking. The cat ran behind the TV, which was at the opposite end of the family room from the stairs. The other dog, a golden retriever, stood next to the wiener dog barking his head off and also staring up the stairs. These are normally two fearless dogs, but they wouldn't go up the stairs for nothing.

We stood in the corner of the family room with our hearts pounding, practically in tears. After about three minutes of this, the two dogs finally stopped and ran upstairs. Ten minutes after that, we got up the nerve to climb the stairs. Every light on the upstairs floor was on, every cabinet in the kitchen was open, and the kitchen chairs were knocked over. I guess that explains the slamming and the ceiling rattling. Needless to say, we were really scared at that moment. We tried to think of a logical reason to explain this, but we could not. Maybe someone we know snuck into the house and to play a prank on us. But that doesn't explain the behavior of the pets. But what finally convinced us that this was a visit from the beyond was when I retrieved our long-awaited bottle of wine from the refrigerator. As soon as I grabbed it, I noticed something strange: It was really light. The wine inside was only about a quarter full - with the seal still in place. We all stared at it in amazement. One of my buds grabbed it and shook it upside down to test it for a leak, but nothing came out. The wine was somehow consumed without the seal ever being broken. Believe me, we new as soon as a half hour before that that puppy was full as we awaited our chance to drink it. But it looks like ole Lewis decided to drop by for New Years after all and have a drink on us. Future attempts to contact Lewis have failed.

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  1. Poor ghost was lonely on New Year's eve. I understand the consumed wine (maybe he was thirst), but to scare you guys out of your wits was bit to tacky. Maybe he needed a good laugh or something. Scary.