Monday, December 8, 2008

Ghosts of Mexico

Many of my four season friends may be heading out to Mexico this winter to get away from the cold and snow…but don’t think you will be getting away from the paranormal! With a cultural history going back to 1000 BC Mexico is a country filled with legends, drama, wars and stories of love and loss. If you want a little ghost hunting adventure after you are done tanning on the beach and walking through the Mayan ruins here are some places to start.

Check out Old Aqua Caliente Casino. Now in the process of being restored, this site is where legend has it that a singer from the 1940's poisoned her treacherous lover, and was shot by him before he perished! Visitors here speak of residual haunting phenomenon including the sounds of a woman singing and apparitions of the tragic couple.

Next stop, Cabo San Lucas and the Finestira Hotel. Staff here report that a ghostly maid makes her rounds every night and sometimes awakens unsuspecting guests! Sleep with one eye open.

Stop in Playa del Carmen and check out the hotel directly across from the famous Blue Parrot Bar. Cold spots, apparitions and weird sounds are reported coming from this location, so be careful and don't stumble upon this site alone after dark.

Finally, don’t miss the ghost tours of the Barrio Antiguo in Monterrey. The site of a double murder in the 1930's, people claim to see an apparition of a woman in white, experience cold spots and simply have a spooky time. Find it at 1026 Jose Aramberri Street.

Oh, and if you are crossing the border into Tijuana after dark be sure to look for the spirit orbs and balls of lights over the water along the border. Take lots of pictures and send them along to me here!

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  1. People in Mexico actually celebrate ghost, or the dead rather, during All Saint's Day every November the 1st. They would visit the remains of their loved ones in the cemetery, bring flower, candles and food. They would even say a little prayer believing that the soul of their loved ones will be saved from purgatory.

  2. Mexico, very interesting city. Filled with century old infrastructures and church not to mention, ghost. Well, where on earth doesn't have ghost anyway. There are everywhere, no matter what country, race or culture. There would always be ghost.

  3. I think while many groups claim to utilize scientific methods in their search for the paranormal, science cannot confirm the existence of ghosts. Ghost hunting can be classified as a pseudoscience.

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