Monday, January 5, 2009

They're Back: Your Favorite Paranormal Shows New Seasons

Okay, so if you’re like me you are probably going through paranormal TV DT’s, but fear not, the end to our bleak evenings of repeats is nearly over. January brings back new episodes of some of our favorite paranormal series so set your Tivo or DVR and get back in the game.

Paranormal State is a terrific show, if you have been living under a rock, based upon a ghost-hunting team from Penn State. They investigate local cases of paranormal activities including hauntings and demon-attacks, all led by Roman Catholic investigator, Ryan. New episodes begin January 19th.

Set your Tivo now though for the premiere of Ghost Hunters International on the SCIFI channel. The new episode begins on January 7th, so be sure to set your DVR to record or mark it on your calender. You'll enjoy the European locations with a familiar crew of investigators.

Friday nights you’ll find the British are invading! The Most Haunted team is doing a tour of the US including favorite locations like Waverly Hills Sanitarium and the Stanley Hotel. The travel channel show will also hit the New London Ledge House and “Sleepy Hollow” NY as well, so stay tuned.

Finally, the show I love to hate Ghost Adventures. It’s great to watch the episode before excerpts appear on The Soup, and right now you can catch repeats on the Travel Channel Friday nights just before Most Haunted. New episodes are on their way, so they say, but no dates have been set as yet.
If you can't wait to get your paranormal fix, visit any of the above webpages for online episodes, downloads and even games!
If you hear of a premiere date for any of these shows, please share the information here.
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  1. You know what I think about the Ghost Adventure Guy!! I will not watch him even if they paid me to do it!
    (or maybe if it was a lot of money!) ;-)
    Most Haunted is the same...
    "Oh my Goodness did you hear that???"
    hmm!!! No you were moving scratching your head with the Mic when the sound was coming How do you want me to hear anything??
    I will enjoy the firt two one though!! ;-)