Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Titanic: Hauntings as Big as the Ship Itself.

The Titanic. One of histories greatest tragedies, which has broken the hearts and captured the imaginations of people for decades, has, without surprise, incorporated some paranormal elements into its tale.

The great drama around the Titanic sinking would lead most investigators to believe that current places associated with the event would play host to spirits of the people lost to the ocean, and they would be right. A recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia allowed me to visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery which is home to some of the sorry souls whose bodies were brought there, and a current traveling exhibit of Titanic artifacts reminded me of rumored haunting of the items presented.

Although some have said that the Titanic graveyard in Halifax is haunted, I did not feel the presence of any spirits there, although the area had a heavy atmosphere around it, making the viewer feel as if his own brothers and sisters were kept there. Although I didn’t see any Titanic spirits there, there were a few from a well-known Halifax explosion roaming the cemetery.

The Titanic exhibit has been investigated and documented by many sources including the TAPS ghost hunting team from the SCIFI channel. Apparitions and disembodied voices and footsteps have been reported at many locations on the Titanic exhibit tour and volunteers who work the exhibit tell of feeling an eerie presence around them while walking through the artifacts. I am visiting the exhibit soon and will report on any spirits I encounter there.

Check out part of the Ghosthunters episode on the traveling exhibit here or catch the exhibit as it travels to your area to decide for yourself.


  1. I note what appear to be "orbs" in the graveyard photos. What's you're opinion on orbs? While I'm generally open minded about matters paranormal, I'm very skeptical about orbs that appear in photographs. That said, I did take a number of photos inside the infamous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and they are replete with orbs that have never appeared in any other photos ever taken with my camera.

  2. I think orbs are too iffy to catagorize as paranormal. I have seen some really interesting ones in odd areas,for example, there was no dust or bugs at the cemetery, but eh, I dunno... just too iffy to be taken as proof by themselves.

  3. Wow! Wanna go to this place... I didn't know there is something like this.... Thanks!


  4. Whoa, I didn't know that there was such thing as the Titanic Grave Site. I think it'll be interesting if the world's best psychics check out the place and conduct a seance. That way, we'll all know once and for all if there are indeed roaming spirits. It'll also be cool to know from those spirits about what really happened the night the Titanic sank.